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It all started in China.

Michael and me (Tenzin) are bringing fresh & yummy bubble tea right to your doorstep.
For more than 6 months we nipped every bubble tea we could get in our hands – some were delicious, some were 90 % sugar, some bio and healthy and others contained very hot spices. In Switzerland, fresh ingredients and healthy nutrition are key in our every day life, so we decided to combine the best of both worlds and are happy to produce baobao bubble tea.

Our quality promise to you

  • All-natural, biological ingredients.
  • Delicious flavors: Strawberry and Classic.
  • Unbelievably cheap with just 1 CHF per cup.


Why we do it

We went to Beijing (China) in August 2016.
Whenever we walked through the streets of Beijing this summer 2016, a fresh & yummy bubbletea would save us from the unbearable heat. Bubbletea isn’t just a beverage to us. It’s connected to a lot of happy memories and precious moments we share with our friends. Time flew and soon our journey in China came to an end.  After returning to Switzerland, we were desperately searching for great bubbletea shops in Zurich. And Basel. And St. Gallen. There was absolutely nothing alike all across Switzerland.

Although we found some in the French part of Switzerland, we felt that they were either outrageously expensive (9 CHF per cup) or simply tasted neither fresh nor delicious. Also, you couldn’t have your own bubble tea at home, at work or while training.
So we set out to create a solution to this problem and created baobaoŽ: Make your own bubble tea anywhere you want.



Make your own bubble tea anywhere you want, at only 1 CHF per cup!


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A great team



As the Vice President and Head of Marketing of AIESEC Zurich and with several years of experience in the field of digital marketing, Tenzin knows how to run successful campaigns. Not only is baobao a new challenge, but also an opportunity for him to use and improve his skill set

Tenzin is currently studying communication science at the University of Zurich.




Michael is a passionate entrepreneur in both the internet and food industry with more than 7 years of  experience. Prior to baobao, Michael launched Troubi Inc. (King of Math) and SwissRoom AG (Learn Swiss German), combined reaching more than 30 million customers.

He holds a MSc. in Management and a BSc. in Computer Science at MIT and ETH.




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