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One love. Two delicious flavors.
Strawberry & Classic.



bbteastrawberrybaobao® Strawberry🍓

baobao® Strawberry Flavor powder turns water into an irresistibly delicious and nutritious drink for your family to enjoy and for you to feel good about. baobao® Strawberry Flavor powder has no artificial colors or flavors.





bbteaaclassicbaobao® Classic👌

baobao® Classic Flavor offers a refreshingly smooth balance of mocha flavor and great-tasting black tea. A perfect replacement for coffee.







What do I get?

  • 20 servings of high quality baobao bubble tea powder
  • tapioca pearls
  • straws & shaker
  • our love


Why we commit to the world’s best ingredients.
Black tea☕. Swiss milk🥛. Syrup🍯. Pearls🌰.


Black tea☕

black-tea-bubble-teaKeemun (祁門紅茶, qímén hóngchá) is one of the most prestigious black tea varieties cultivated in the heart of China. For a black, it is relatively light with both a fruity and a slightly smoky aroma. It has a mild, almost malty flavor that’s reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa.



Some varieties of Keemun even have a smell similar to orchids, and somewhat floral flavor notes. It is very smooth and mellow, low in tannins and thus not very bitter at all, as some of the other black selections can be.

This variation is produced exclusively in the Keemun county of Huangshan City in the Anhui province of China.


Swiss milk🥛

swiss milk for the world's best bubble teaOriginal black tea flavor mixed with pure natural taste of milk form a solid basis for great bubble tea.

To get direct access to the highest quality Swiss milk, we partnered with Switzerland’s #1 dairy brand, Emmi, which exclusively processes pure Swiss milk produced by cows that graze on herbs in the unspoilt Swiss meadows. Superior quality and taste are the result of our finest milk and high-quality ingredients, as well as our traditional know-how, new ideas, technical expertise and unique passion to create the best possible dairy products. Supported by international standards (FSSC220/HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, Halal).




The tapioca pearls give it a bubbly consistency and cut the richness of the milk and the sweet of the sugar.  It’s dense without being overwhelming, but a small serving will satisfy your bubble tea craving.